Trendy and Famous Tattoo Designs

Whether you are a tattoo virgin or someone looking to get inked for the nth time, choosing a design is always a critical step. Since a tattoo is something that will be in the skin forever, choosing the design carefully may well serve as the fine line between having artwork to be proud of or regretting it for the rest of your life. The following examples of  trendy and famous tattoos could help in choosing the best design for you. Hopefully, tattoo removal would not be an option, as this could be more painful; think looking at an ex’s tattooed name on your back.

Tattoo by Chime Tattoo by Chime

One of the most famous tattoos is tribal art. The appeal of a tribal tattoo is in its simplicity, with its bold shapes and black lines all throughout. Tribal tattoos also adapt fairly well to the human body. The design follows the way the body and the muscles move, as opposed to a static drawing in an unmoving piece of paper.

Tattoo by Carlos Rojas Tattoo by Carlos Rojas

Another famous tattoo design is portrait. Portraits may be harder to get than tribal tattoos because there are not a lot of tattoo artists who could do a portrait justice, and if you do come across one then it would definitely come at a price. However, there is also great satisfaction for getting a portrait tattoo, and could be therapeutic depending on the customer. Most common subjects are family and loved ones, pets or celebrity idols.

Stevo O tattoo

Along with portraits, script designs are also included in the designs of famous tattoos. Whether it is in cursive, block letters, or any other font you can think of, script tattoo can represent a loved one or an idea that holds a special meaning for the customer. Related to script tattoos are tattoos in a foreign language, usually Chinese, Japanese or Arabic. Like portrait and script tattoos, it serves as a reminder or a memorial honoring the subject of the artwork.

You can also look to your favorite celebrities as inspiration for the design. For example, some of Angelina Jolie’s famous tattoos include the Buddhist inscription on her back and the geographical coordinates of her children on her arm. Meanwhile, Nicole Richie became a trendsetter for her ankle rosary, making it one of the most famous tattoos asked by customers.

Whatever design it is that you finally settle on, just make sure to get it with an open heart and an open mind and always remember to enjoy the experience. From what tattoo lovers all over the world have said, getting inked is quite addicting.

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