Top Tattoo Artists


All of us know and realize that tattooing has become a popular culture everywhere in the world. We often get fascinated by amazing tattoo works but don’t know about the artists behind them.

Here are some top tattoo artists from around the world who have been able to earn themselves name and fame by virtue of their amazing ink art.

Ryan Dearringer

Ryan Dearringer is a widely recognized, custom tattoo artist who has won many awards. Representing the emerging class of modern tattoo artists, Ryan works for Sacred Ink in Indiana.

Though his tattoo work is inspired by almost all tattooing styles, he successfully mixes them all to take ink art to another level. Ryan doesn’t forget to maintain innovation as he shifts from one form to the other including Portraits, Graffiti style, Old School tattoos, Fine art tattoos and New School tattoos.

Tattoo Artists

Paul Booth

The man with exceptional tattooing abilities, Paul Booth from America is one of a few tattoo artists in the world to master those lifelike portraits. He has devoted 20 years of his life to the ink art, with evil and death as his signature style and genre. It is due to his dedication and will that he’s won numerous awards till date and has been featured on popular TV channels including Discovery, CNN and MTV.

Paul Booth

Aaron Cain

Aaron has been working as a tattoo artist for quite long now and has completely mastered the ‘biochemical’ style. Top tattoo artists from around the world have been his inspiration. You can easily recognize his work that is characterized by hard edges and thick lines on a typically biochemical cluster.

Aaron Cain

Nick Baxter

Nick is the king of large-scale colored tattoos. He believes that his ink art is a worthwhile medium for showcasing his talent and interacting with people. He aspires to take his skills to their highest despite the limitations a tattoo artist faces while working on the skin.


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