Top 10 Tattoos For Friday the 13th

Tattoos and superstitious have made good bed fellows. On Friday the 13th, tattoo parlors all over the world (and particularly in the United States) are preparing flash designs for customers who want to tempt Fate. Ink Master judge and old school artist Oliver Peck has even made it a tradition and a world record, tattooing 415 number 13 on simply one Friday the 13th … Friday 13th are considered misfortune due to the fact that some think that Jesus was crucified that day. For others, it is good luck.

Friday 13th tattoo by Jonny Hex Tattoo by Jonny Hex

Friday 13th tattoo

Friday 13th ink

2015 Friday 13th tattoo

traditional Friday 13th tattoo

Feather Friday 13th tattoo

Friday 13th black cat tattoo

Friday 13th tattoo knife

Good luck Friday 13th tattoo

*Note from Tattoo Artist Magazine Blog – Unfortunately, we were not able to find the information on the artists who are responsible for these amazing tattoos. If you happen to know who did one of these pieces, please feel free to leave a comment and let us and the rest of the readers know!

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