Timelapse – Tattoo Design

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Working on a tattoo design for my wrists, based on the novel "Palimpsest" by Catherynne M. Valente. "Palimpsest" is my favorite book! Check out Catherynne's website:


Also, you should check out S.J. Tucker's music. S.J. Tucker, aka: Skinny White Chick, aka: Sooj, has written music for several of Catherynne's books, and Palimpsest is one of them. The music is really great to listen to while reading Cat's books.

Here is the various places you can find S.J. Tucker's music:

S.J. Tucker also does fire dancing, so if that's something you're interested in, you should definitely do a bit of searching for that! She uses some of her own music to spin poi by, and it's really cool to watch!

I was going to use S.J. Tucker's music in this video, specifically songs from Quartered, her album of songs for Palimpsest, but I'd much rather you go to her website and listen/buy her music. She's an amazing artist, and I've bought ALL of her CDs, and have seen her perform live several times. If you get the chance to see her, I really recommend it!

Copyright/royalty free music provided by freemusicarchive.org

Songs used in this video:

– "Three Pendulums" by: Maps & Transit

– "Ponds" by: Maps & Transit

– "Azimuth approx." by: Maps & Transit

– "Mr. Arrowwood" by: Maps & Transit

– "Lullaby for Anya" by: Maps & Transit

– "Tendrils" by: Maps & Transit

– "Our Happy Life" by: Maps & Transit

– "Magnetic North" by: Maps & Transit

– "Finally Falling" by: Maps & Transit

Copyright-free music in the intro provided by: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Gene_Greene/Antique_Phonograph_Music_Program_1242012/Gene_Greene_-_01_-_From_Here_To_Shanghai
"From Here to Shanghai" – Gene Greene