The most Famed Tattoos of 2013


The trend of getting one’s body inked has become a fashion symbol for every star. Celebrities just love having tattoos on their various A- list body parts. Every year celebs are going under the needle and getting plentiful tattoos on their body parts. So let’s have a look which celebrities got inked this year.

Here are some of our favorite Hollywood stars revealing their new tattoos:-

Miley Cyrus Grandmother Portrait Tattoo

Miley Cyrus’s grandmother Loretta Finley must be delighted after seeing Miley’s newly inked forearm. Cyrus revealed her new tattoo on Instagram in November that captioned: “because I am her favorite & she is mine,” and was a tribute to her grandmother.

Justin Bieber EagleTattoo

The pop star has been making headlines while touring Australia. The singing sensation made a quick rush after his Sydney concert to get under the needle. He took to Instagram to disclose the progress of his new tatt, before finally revealing the picture of an eagle, escorted by a caption saying: “Yep.”

Cheryl ColeGiant Red Rose Tattoo 

Cheryl Cole have been making headlines ever since she unveiled her giant red rose tattoo made on her lower back on the debut night of the Girls Aloud tour back in February. But now her tattoo artist has shared a full-fledged pic of her tatt on her butt that runs all the way from her back down to the top of her leg. The pop singer not only endured 55 hours of pain but also had to spend over $20,000 for this weird body art!

Cara Delevingne New Chest Tattoo

The 21-year-old model unveiled her latest under boob ink work while vacationing in Barbados. The model was snapped wrapping up in a towel after a swim and her ink was clearly visible beneath her blue and white horse-print top. The ink appears to read “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” à la the 1988 Bobby McFerrin song.

Rihana’sLarge Henna Inspired Tattoo

The Diamonds singer revealed a large henna inspired tattoo that covered her right hand. Pop star’s new body art was incorporated with the already existing Maori tattoo and took her tattooist long 11 hours to complete the design. Pop star got her body inked during the trip to New Zealand during her Diamonds world tour, which was applied with a mallet and a chisel! Sooo painful!

David Beckham GotVictoria Named Tattoo

David Beckham has added one more tattoo to his collection. This newest tatt is a tribute to his wife of 14 years, Victoria Beckham. David had Victoria’s name tattooed across his entire right hand and debuted his ink work at a Global Fund Celebration party, which was held as part of London Fashion Week.

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