Tattoo Art’s Journey through Time

Tattoo art keeps changing with time, but one thing remains the same – the desire of some individuals to adorn their skin with it. Take a journey through time and get to know more about the transformation in the designs of tattoo.

Ancient people use sticks and other spiky objects for tattooing. They intentionally wound themselves and pack ashes or dirt into the graze. They have their unique tattoo art.

It is assumed that men in prehistoric era puncture their skin and add color to it by applying the black substance from the cooled burnt sticks. They usually create tribal markings.

Otzi ancient tattoo

For the ancient men, there were no terrible tattoos. They wear their tattoo as a protective charm to safeguard them during the hunt. They also viewed tattoos as a way to align their lives with God’s purpose, ensure the preservation of their body even after death, as a sign of their status within the tribe, and boost fertility and virility.

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In the 1930s and 1940s, the only men and women who wore body ink were those in the service, circus people, or criminals. Popular tattoo art designs were anchor, ships, ferocious animals, ladies, weapons, eagles, and anything that can depict the patriotism of the men and women in service.

Wearing a tattoo for art’s sake, and nothing more, became popular in the 1960s. There were people who decided to collect tattoos as if they were collecting paintings or antiques. Cosmetic tattooing is among the top favorites.

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Popular designs have something to do with rock bands, transportation and different religions. Wearing a tattoo connected to a cause also began to emerge.

Artists practicing traditional fine art embraced tattooing in the 1970s and they brought innovative imagery. The tattooing gadgets became more advanced and new pigments provided more color variety. More shops that offer tattooing service were born.

1970 tattoos

Tattoo designs of today reflect the individuality of the wearer. Some enthusiasts, with famous tattoos, turned their body into a living journal. Every tattoo in their body represents a life-turning experience, an unforgettable adventure, or anything that they want to remember for as long as they live.

Tattoo by Cheongho Tattoo by Cheongho

The designs can be random objects that one can see every day like a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, butterfly, a loved one’s face, modern tribal design, name, symbolism, and anything that you can think of. The designs today are more diverse, and so are the colors and tattoo design ideas.

Tattoo by Nissaco Tattoo by Nissaco

What lies ahead for tattoo art? You only need to continue the journey, and witness everything with your own eyes.

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