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flower tattoo

tattoo sleeves flowers

Their has been a rise in the popularity of tattoos today, especially sleeve tattoo designs. Go to any major city in the world and you will see people of many shapes and sizes with sleeve…

tattoo sleeves

Tattoos created by talented and skilled artists are rightly regarded as works of art. However, what makes a tattoo really outstanding is the surface it is created upon, in this case it is inked onto…

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Tattoo Events, the Artists and You

Tattoo events are almost everywhere and new tattoo enthusiasts join the pack almost every minute all over the world. What started as an innocent, small body ink can turn into a burning passion that you…

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Tattoo Art’s Journey through Time

Tattoo art keeps changing with time, but one thing remains the same – the desire of some individuals to adorn their skin with it. Take a journey through time and get to know more about…

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Meet and Greet Tattoo Stars

As you start to get more and more tattoos on your skin, you would also want to know more about the tattoo world and how it all works, right? Luckily, there is always a venue…

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Celebrities’ Famous Tattoos

More and more Hollywood celebrities are getting hooked to body ink, and the famous tattoos that these celebrities wear are almost always the talk of the town. Celebrities only hire the best tattoo artist in…

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Wings Chest Tattoo

Wings chest tattoo done at Mavroskoufis tattoo studio, Nicosia, Cyprus. Sorry, I could not read the content fromt this page. View the original article here