Superfan Covers Body With Rihanna Tattoos

We all have that one celebrity we like a little bit more than others. We will buy their music, films, books etc. and for the most of us that will be it, but that is not enough for the superfan. The superfan goes above and beyond the norm of fandom and takes their love for their chosen hero to new heights. 23 year old Sarah Ridge is one such superfan!!!


Since Rihanna burst onto the music scene almost a decade ago Sarah has been hooked and in recent years has taken her love for the Barbados born singer and turned it into some memorable ink!


To date Sarah has collected seven Rihanna portraits and copied a number of Rihanna’s own tattoos. Clearly Sarah is not the everyday fan, her friends have called it a weird obsession and her family have voiced their preference for any future ink to be more discreet. Yet Sarah maintains that as long as she loves her tattoos then that is all that matters, a principle most people with ink can appreciate!


Perhaps then Sarah is not just simply a crazed superfan but a fine example of the happiness tattoos can bring to a person. Yeah maybe the backpiece is abit intense and the Rihanna love slightly over the top but her ink is her ink… Still I can’t help wondering what Rihanna would make of such a dedicated fan…


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