116 Awesome Hand Tattoo Ideas

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111 Stunning Female Tattoos

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Egyptian Tattoo Design Ideas

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101 Tattoo Sleeve Designs

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The tattoo sleeve

The tattoo sleeve is usually evident on the arms. It comes in three popular types; the half sleeve tattoo which covers the entire upper or lower arm; the quarter sleeve tattoo which covers the skin…

tattoo sleeves

Tattoos created by talented and skilled artists are rightly regarded as works of art. However, what makes a tattoo really outstanding is the surface it is created upon, in this case it is inked onto…

flower tattoo

tattoo sleeves flowers

Their has been a rise in the popularity of tattoos today, especially sleeve tattoo designs. Go to any major city in the world and you will see people of many shapes and sizes with sleeve…

tattoo designs for womens arm

First things first when you decide that you would love to have one of the back tattoo designs on you. I’m going to give you a quick check list to get started. see more Check…