Meet and Greet Tattoo Stars

As you start to get more and more tattoos on your skin, you would also want to know more about the tattoo world and how it all works, right? Luckily, there is always a venue for an up-close and personal encounter with all the amazing people who run the tattoo industry. Among these are tattoo events.

These are conventions held all around the world and the basic idea behind it is to showcase the artists and their artworks. Aside from seeing great practitioners in person, they also have the opportunity to show off existing works that they are proud of. Most interestingly, tattoo events are also a venue to see them at work. This is great for aspiring tattoo artists who want to pick up techniques from the very best, as well as tattoo enthusiasts who want to see their favorite artist in person.


Tattoo events or conventions are mainly organized by professionals involved the industry. Examples of these are suppliers, tattoo studios/companies, and artists. Conventions can last anywhere from a day to three days, and the entrance tickets can range from about $10 to more than $30 per day. Not only do conventions showcase artists at work, but these can also provide other entertainment for its participants. Music shows, seminars, supplier booths, and contests are just some of the things you may expect when walking through the biggest tattoo events.

This is also a perfect opportunity to book your favorite artists for an appointment. Some of the more famous ones have long waiting lists that range from days to several months; but in tattoo events, they are more accessible. Just make sure to contact them in advance to secure your slot.

attending tattoo events

The conventions may be easily searched through Google. One example website is the World Tattoo Events page that provides a comprehensive list of almost all conventions happening around the globe. From here, you can track your favorite events from whichever country with complete information regarding dates, prices and others.

When you have picked a tattoo convention to your liking and booked all the necessary details, then the only thing left to do is to have fun and enjoy the experience as much as you can. After all, it is not every day that people get to have a close encounter with the amazing minds behind some of the world’s most beautiful pieces of art. Prepare your skin for some serious inking!

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