Make Sure You Don’t Regret Your Tattoo

When people get drunk, they do crazy things. They dance a little weirder. They call their exes. They crave for crispy, greasy fast food. Worst case scenario is if they get into an accident while driving. However, nothing immortalizes the drunken craziness quite like—no, not tagged Facebook photos—tattoos. More importantly, terrible tattoos.

Tattoo regrets

However, getting terrible tattoos is not exclusive to those who went a little crazy at the bar, and those who got it while nursing a broken. Anyone can be a victim of this just because of sheer carelessness or not doing proper research.

Tattoo regrets

Perhaps the most common mistake: getting a tattoo of a significant other’s name. Unless he/she can promise the kind of forever that a tattoo makes, one should steer clear of names of loved ones, although make an exception for names of children or parents as those are sure to remain the same for all of eternity. A more disastrous situation is getting a portrait of a significant other. These are more terrible tattoos because these are usually bigger than a name, and unfortunately not a lot of artists can render a good portrait tattoo.

Tattoo regrets and misspelled tattoos

So if the design is not an old flame’s name, what else could fall under the category of terrible tattoos? Mistakes in spelling, grammar or language. Before getting inked always, always do thorough research. If it is in one’s native language, make sure to check the spelling and grammar. When in doubt, make sure to look through a dictionary or even Google. Also, wait for the tattoo artist to spell out the words before he puts down the needle.

Tattoo regrets

No matter how much research was done, if the tattoo artist spelled it wrong then there is no turning back. If the tattoo is not in a language one speaks or reads, then the best way is to enlist the help of someone who does. No one definitely wants to end up with a Chinese character for chicken noodle soup when what he or she wanted was the Japanese character for love.

Tattoo regrets

There are a lot more ways to get terrible tattoos, but it could fall under one of two things: bad decision at a bad time, or an artist of unreliable reputation. Whatever the case may be and whether the tattoo is the first one or the tenth, always make sure to do it with a clear head and good judgment, both on your side and the artist’s.

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