In the Hands of the Professional Tattoo Artist

Tattoo leaves a permanent mark on the skin, and it is only rational to hire a professional tattoo artist. He or she may charge more than the ordinary artist, but you can be sure that you will get the tattoo that’s worth the money. You don’t want to end up on the list of terrible tattoos, so hire a real professional to do the job.

On the succeeding section, you will see the names of the different tattoo artists together with a brief description of their style. You already know the style of Kat Von D, Ami James, and other tattoo artists in Hollywood – you won’t see their names on the list anymore.

Chaim Machlev of Berlin, Germany is famous for his dots to lines tattoo. His austere black-ink geometric designs are pure and intricate. The designs are simply flawless. They are simple and yet they exude sophistication. The more you look at the designs, the more you get enthralled. Chaim Machlev is a master tattoo artisan that you wouldn’t regret hiring.

Tattoo by Chaim Machlev Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

Anil Gupta is famous for his realistic tattoo art and accurate deliverance of his work. He can produce a tattoo that closely resembles a real person. He can replicate famous artwork, of Salvador Dali for example, on your skin. He can re-create it with an eerie similarity and all you can do is be amazed. He is also famous for abstract pieces and tribal-inspired designs.

tattoo by Anil Gupta

Paul Booth is famous for creating designs for heavy metal, progressive, industrial and Gothic rock band. He knows exactly what the rockers love and give it to them. He likes doing Gothic tattoos and realistic horror designs in gray scale. He does not do facial tattoos.

Tattoo by Paul Booth Tattoo by Paul Booth

Alice Carrier of Portland, Oregon is a master in creating famous tattoos about nature. The tattoos seem to come out from the pages of a vintage textbook. The colors are in perfect harmony.

Tattoo by Alice Carrier Tattoo by Alice Carrier

Ien Levin of Kiev, Ukraine only uses black ink in all his works. His drawings are extremely intricate with a macabre feel surrounding it. In spite of that, there’s also a whimsical aura coming from the tattoo.

Tattoo by Ien Levin Tattoo by Ien Levin

Kenji Alucky of Hokkaido, Japan is famous for his dotting technique which is also known as stippling. Like Machlev, his tattoos are mostly tribal and geometric motifs – the more you look, the more you feel amazed. Alucky also travels a lot. If you want to hire him, then you need to visit his Facebook page to know where you can find him next.

Tattoo by Kenji Alucky Tattoo by Kenji Alucky

You won’t find yourself regretting your decision in having a tattoo if you put your fate in the hands of a professional tattoo artist.

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