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claylindo skull tattoo figurines

Picture courtesy of Claylindo

Skull Tattoos Feature

Every month we will be doing a feature on our skull-of-the-month. We’ll source the best skulls in the category and post them in one mammoth post for everyone to skullivate over.

We’ve gone with skull tattoos as the first Skull-of-the-Month with many more to follow, although I suspect skull tattoos will feature again. There are over 100 Skull Tattoos featured in this post, some good, some bad and some downright ridiculous but all equally as awesome. We hope you enjoy! Please share with your other skull-loving mates. Also, if you would like to see a particular skull feature then please  let us know!

If we haven’t credited the artist correctly or do not display the artists name it’s because we do not know it, not for lack of trying, but some of the images we find and share are not correctly credited to the artist and are generally pilfered from blog after blog. If you know the artist please let us know and we’ll make sure the skull creator gets our appreciation.

Big Clown Skull on Tattoos Time

Skull Back Tattoo

Leg sleeve Tat from 2 Face – Tattoo

Big Teeth Skull on Tattoo Watch

Back Skull on Tattoo Idea Pictures

Winged Chest Skull from Tattoos Time

Creepy Bat thing at Tattoos Time

Intricate Skull design by TWIY

James Woodford

James Woodford – Into You Tattoo






Tattoo on Semtex591






Mathew Dyson Tat from Lisa Massacre Deviant account


Photography by Mariamism

Magnus Deadpigeon Skull

Magnus from Deadpigeon

Twizted Lullaby

Artsist uknown from Twizted Lullaby Deviant account

Uzling Skull

Artsist unknown from Uzling Deviant Account

Robert Brekelmans skull tattoo

Artist : Robert Brekelmans from b13 Visuals Deviant Account

Magnus Deadpigeon skull

Magnus from Deadpigeon

 Noodle is small skull tattooerikkadoster skull tattooBez Skull Tattooskull tattooMagnus Deadpigeon skull tattooBob Tyrrell skull tattoospider skull tattooawesome skull tattooSkull Arm Tattoo Designsskulls tattoos on armDan DiMattia Skull Tattooevil skull arm tattoosMexican Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoos on Back

skull flower tattoo

Skull Tattoo on arm 2

Skull tattoo on leg

pirates skull tatttoo on thumbs

pattern skull tattoo on forearm

amazing skull tattoo on thigh

Skull tattoo - full sleeve

Skull Tattoos from Fuck Yeah Skull Tattoos

skull tattoo stomach

skull tattoo shoulder

skull tattoo calf

Kyle Giffen Skull Tattoo

Kyle Giffen Skull Tattoo

Kyle Giffens Tattoos

scratchline tattoos

Tattoos from Scratchline Tattoos

Massive Skull Tattoo from Inkednation

Skull Tattoos found on Pinterest – artists unknown

skull tattoo

Artist Unknown. Source

skull star

skull tattoo

Artists unkownn. Source

Skull Tattoo the punisher

Artist Unknown. Source.

Skull Hand Tattoo

Shane O’ Neill

gothic skull

Artist Unknown. Source

skull tattoo

Jared Preslar on Lucky Bamboo Flickr

skull Tattoo Jared Preslar

Jared Preslar on Lucky Bamboo Flickr

James Spencer Briggs Skull Tattoo

James Spencer Briggs

James Spencer Briggs Skull Tattoo

James Spencer Briggs

 James Spencer Briggs Skull Tattoo

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