An Interview with Award Winning Tattoo Artist: Gabriel Cece

Gabriel Cece

GabrielCece is an Award Winning Tattoo artist, presently owns and works at Studio Evolve Tattoo, 512 S.Independence Blvd (2nd Floor), Virginia Beach. His work has been described in the following themes: Spiritual, Personal, or Organic and Natural, Colorful and Bold Designs. Read our complete interview with Gabriel.

Question: Who is Gabriel Cece according to you?

Answer: Gabriel Cece is a work in progress, in life, tattooing, and art.

Question: When and what was your first tattoo work?

Answer: I got my first tattoo done in 1993 at a little shop in Hobart, Indiana…it was a sun on my right shoulder.

Question: In an interview you said that you wanted to ink your mom, have you done it yet? (If yes please share the pic.)

Answer: I still have not tattooed my mom, maybe someday though.

Question: Your favorite 5 tattoos of this year and why?

Answer: I don’t have a top five favorite, but I have a one…it was a large rib piece that started at the armpit and ended just past the hip bone…it was a skull, three candles, several flowers, along with some Victorian type filigree, and some swirling tribal accents.

 Tattoo work of Gabriel Cece

Question: Tattoos are all about gaining an art piece out of pain. So, what’s your idea about numbing creams?

 Answer: I use bactine everyday instead of green soap, it takes the edge off, but doesn’t numb the tattoo completely…as far as other numbing sprays or creams, I’ve used those as well and haven’t seen any side effects, and still have it, but use it rarely.

Question: How can people meet you?

Answer: People can meet me by coming into studio evolve whenever I am in and available to talk.

Question: Last but not the least, your advice to the new tattooist in the industry?

Answer: New tattooist should follow their passion and do what it tells you to    do…trust your gut and make the tattoos you want to make…it can happen if you want it to enough, and follow through…you’ll get there.

Thanks Gabriel for sparing the time for the Interview.

Check out more Tattoo works of Gabriel Cece

Tattoo works of Gabriel CeceTattoo works of Gabriel CeceTattoo works of Gabriel Cece1-justin-laprad

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