3D Tattoos execution procedure and details

Nowadays where tattooing has become a fashion, 3d tattoos are like an icing on top of the cake. Unlike most tattoos that are 2 dimensional, these tattoos have an extra dimension and it adds an illusion effect to the tattoo as being under the skin. Pertaining to the prospect of 3d tattoo is to move up tattoo with considerpops up to two millimeters. 3D tattoo procedure starts by injecting a small degree of hyaluronic acid solution internally to skin. The above mentioned procedure performed with idea sucrose should go directly below that specific tattoo within the inimitable boundaries of the structure of displaying the shape in addition to specific details of tattoo, setting up the modeled design.

3d Length Tattoo


Spider on girl


Choosing a Tattoo artist is essential in the tattoo process. It is very important to do research on top artists and upcoming tattoo artist.Browsing Internet to find out latest trends,watching the latest tattoo reality shows ,to get a clear idea about styles and techniques and then choosing the appropriate style.

3D arm tattoo


3D horn back Tattoo


Any tattoo within several measurements won’t look awesome. Executing own idea to be clear and executed with proper care. After idea execution appears disfigure tattoo recognized by the artist is unknown what he is trying to get. The final picture projected by the artist creates a negative view to puff up within 3D.

3D Arm Tattoo


Basic safety

Injecting chemicals into ur body by a professional tattoo artist recommended, conversely doing on your own by using sucrose will pops up within the existing tattoo several times and is not safe, looks ugly.

Cost of the 3D tattoo depends on the artist, design, on which part of the body it should be executed.

Tattoo Removal

With the help of laser treatment it is possible to remove black and some colors of the tattoo. Dermabrasion, salabrasion are pre-laser treatment methods.

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