15 Striking Van Gogh Tattoos

Vibrant. Moving. Bold. Dramatic. Vincent van Gogh’s artwork is known the world over and heralded as an integral predecessor to what 20th century art would be. An individual tormented by frustration, mental illness, drink and incoherence van Gogh’s life came to an abrupt end at the age of 37, although by then he had already created an incredible 2100 pieces of art!!! Yes, most people remember van Gogh as the artist who cut off his own ear! But he was also the artist that defined an artistic movement and paved the way for the birth of modern art!

Though I’m guessing you’re asking what does van Gogh have to do with tattoos??…

Quite simply his artwork makes amazing ink! The unique style, colours and subjects provide an awesome foundation for a great tattoo. Of course it takes unbelievable skill to replicate the artwork of one of history’s greatest artists but when pulled off the resulting ink is something else… truly awesome!!! Here’s fifteen van Gogh tattoos that prove it.

The Starry Night was painted by van Gogh in 1889! Artist Alicia Quinby certainly captures its magic

Starry Night tattoo by AliciaQuinby

Not one for a backpiece? Then how about a Starry Night sleeve like this one by Timothy B Boor

Van Gogh Starry Night By Timothy B Boor

You could even have your own personal take on the Starry Night. This ink was done by Bill at Spider Bite

Bill at Spider Bite in Manchester

van Gogh painted the Starry Night while in his asylum room at Saint Remy de Provence. He admitted himself after the removal of his ear!

van gogh shoulder

New York City meets Starry Night! Awesome tattoo!!Starry Night meets New York City

Sean Carey at Golden Spiral Tattoo did this incredible piece. What a way to make it his own!

Sean Carey at Golden Spiral Tattoo

Throughout his life van Gogh painted dozens of self-portraits. This one is done by Keith Groves

Keith Groves

The final self-portraits van Gogh painted show his head from the left, the side which did not have the mutilated ear

Van Gogh

Great piece by John ‘the Dutchman’

van_gogh_John the dutchman

Completed in July 1890 the ‘Wheatfield with Crows’ was one of van Gogh’s final paintings. Chris Walkin nails it in this piece!!

Chris Walkin

The Mulberry Tree was painted by van Gogh in October 1889. Here it is by Andres at Espanol Ink

Mulberry Tree Andres at Espanol Ink

Perhaps one of van Gogh’s more dramatic pieces ‘Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette’ was painted around winter 1885-86. Artist Angela Leaf recreates it perfectly!!

smoking skull Angela Leaf

Brilliant sleeve combining two of van Gogh’s best works!!

skull and stars

Here’s a van Gogh painting we’ve all seen before. The sunflower series is arguably his most famous. Certainly looks good on skin!


Now we’ve seen how good van Gogh’s art looks in ink why not go get one yourself. Better yet make it your own like this Batman Starry Night piece!


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